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General discussions, reviews, programming, technology, computers—I chit chat about everything related, or similar, to those topics that may spark curiosity and public connections with folks who hold the same interests.

Comments, critiques and participation on these posts is recommended! I'd like to read/hear what you have to say, and getting to build and work towwards the future praising the beauty and art of computing!

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All posts are and were written by me. Any opinions and criticism are solely my own, and are not provided nor paid by the companies or labels mentioned on the said posts. Unless otherwise mentions of a post being sponsored by the company, all posts were written, edited and uploaded personally in an effort to connect to those in the tech industry, fellow inspiring computer scientists and many others who create, solve and produce software and hardware for a more stable living and a bright future.

Please provide credit and link-backs to any posts/statements you may find is worthy of sharing. The posts are written in a modest, yet loose, fashion.

While the purpose of this website is to land a full-time career into technology, I have created this opportunity to talk and share my thoughts and knowledge, trying to bring together a community that enjoy the growth and advancements in computers.

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