Date Report
July 20, 2019 Performed some surgery—laptop surgery, that is. Upgraded our main laptop computer, a Dell Precision M6400, up to 12GB of RAM! Multitasking couldn't be any more smoother, thus getting work on our website done!

On a another note, check out our new post titled Keyboards: Through Thick and Thin discussing the experiences using the two popular type of keyboards—thick- and thin-buttoned!
July 5, 2019 Grand opening of! A new conglomerate of KC Universal Network, dedicated to everything about computers and technology. This website also serves as a personal blog and portfolio in hopes to land a full-time career in computer science—be it software development, IT, cybersecurity, video game development or more! We're still in the beginning stages, as pages like Portfolio are being worked on, but feel free to look around and make yourself at home!
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