Desk Stem is a blog and portfolio website sharing the love of Computer Science, and connecting with those in the tech industry! From general discussions about technology to sharing skills and programming, we wanted a little place to express our admiration and love for everything computers and technology.

This website is managed entirely by Kris Caballero, whose experience with computers dates back during his youth computing on a command-line DOS computer. Having 17 years of video production experience, and a full-fledged filmography, Kris has made a career-changing decision to focus entirely on computer science, inside out. Hoping to share his knowledge, projects, entries and his portfolio, were all valid reasons in bringing this website to life.

With a general passion in video gaming, software development and website programming, Desk Stem is the mastermind that Kris has composed to fully immerse into the world of technology, with hopes to land a personal full-time job/career in such industry.

Kris being a former filmmaker and digital video content creator, other interests he has include video & computer gaming, Mathematics, Logic, Physics, casino gaming, sports, philosophy, cooking and Gematria (numerology).

Passion from the ground up: Recent Works big and small